The forgotten turntable?

I remember very well about the Goldmund Reference I. This was a kind of statement in turntable building. Okay, these days are long gone but I do assess it as one of the great tables of it’s time. I tested it in my room and did enjoy the music.
What happened to the Goldmund Reference II? Has anybody seen one of the 25 pieces which were sold? No one of the owners is reporting. So how can we lift the secret about this table?





The first answer I received from a turntable builder. He said the board control of the Golmund II is a fantastic design element. Nevertheless energizing and dampening features are elaborated much worse than with today’s statement tables. Also the tonearme bases do not look very promising as we know them from one of Germany’s big turntable producers. In total the Goldmund II does look a bit like a drilled up ORACLE.

ステレオサウンド4c1p-oracle コピー



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