Message from G.



You may not call me an expert on classical music. Regarding Friedrich Gulda I have my own experience.

In the beginnings of the 70ies I was invited by the “Bach Chorus” in Marburg/Lahn, my home town, to attend a concert of Friedrich Gulda. He already had made a side step adding to his classical concert a kind of “experimental design” with the group Anima.

On this wonderfully recorded and mastered 6 LP-set, Message from G., he plays the instruments like 200-300 years before with it’s traditional sound (LP 1, just look at the side notes – Clavichord).

The other concerts are a mix of classical and Jazz-oriented music.

It is Gulda at his best piano playing!!!


3 thoughts on “Message from G.

  1. Eckart,

    Yes! A fantastic jazz musician. I first learned of Friederich when I heard the recording ” The Meeting”, back in the early 80’s with Chick Corea. ( I am big Return to Forever and Weather Report fan).

    Not only Jazz, he also often preformed with Emerson Lake & Palmer performing jazz and rock fusion. I am less familiar with his classical work.

    His jazz catalog is small but worth seeking out. Now I’m off to listen to Birdland. =)



  2. Norman,

    Indeed, he was one of the very rare species transforming from a classical mastermind (he knowed off by heart all 32 Beethoven piano sonatas) into a Jazz musician. He learned many instruments, Saxophon, Clavichord until he really was able to manage the instrument. Gulda was a Genius, sometimes not very well accepted from the Jazz Circus, but always looking for new inspirations.

    Btw. share your taste on Chick Corea and Weather Report!



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