Red Rocks

Maybe it is only an observation of a tourist heading up to the beautiful spotted National Parks like Zion, Arches or Bryce Canyon in Utah, US. But you are nearly always confronted with red limestone and sand which lead to the local saying, “we are living among red rocks.”

Nevertheless, it is a spoiled environment. You are surrounded with the thrills of the great outdoors – skiing and hiking trails are within 20 minutes away. While hiking the 2,000 meter trail at Bryce Canyon, I learned that you cannot trust the advice of people you meet on the rim trail. When they say “only half a mile to go” plan for a longer trip. If they say “you should return to Fairyland Point than to follow the steep climb to Sunset Point”, trust your instinct. They may point you in the more advanced course than you are prepared to take. I learned that when hiking the rim trails, be prepared for extreme changes in elevations. We survived and finally arrived on the surface just seeing the last bus leaving in front of our eyes! We were a minute too late! Was it because of my speed or that of my companion?
Ha ha…

No, this is not a story about nature of whatever. It is about a wonderful system located at “The Red Rocks”.


My friend David invited me to his home in Utah. His system gained world wide reputation on other forums. So let me just say that the combination of the Siemens Klangfilm Bionor loudspeakers with the JBL subwoofers are just excellent. Of course, it needed deep knowledge of this vintage chain and a good source for feeding the system – three tables: Thorens Reference, EMT 927 and American Sound.




I regard the two latter ones as a perfect match, especially the American Sound was absolutely convincing running via a dedicated Lamm-amplification, including the beautiful playing Lamm LL1 signature phonostage. Being trained by my wide range system, I had absolutely no problem following the sound of this vintage system. It is absolutely amazing. I had never expected to hear such a sound from a cinema speaker system. The fine JBL subwoofers of the 70’s from the last century did its part.


As David and me regard the same cartridges as perfect, the two Neumanns, old vintage Ortofons, Zyx etc. we share this taste. Only on the tonearms I might be a bit more elaborated, modyfing plenty of the old ones. But the “Red Rock Owner” is very happy with his fine sounding SMEs. I enjoyed a lot and I am very glad about having learned at least that a vintage system will sound very, very serious!!!

DSC05216 (1)DSC05212 (1)DSC05218DSC05232DSC05433-01



4 thoughts on “Red Rocks

  1. These are very old German horn cinema speakers. You need to address them properly by all speaker-chassis, X-over and…and.. The difficult task to bring fine subwoofers in line we all know about at these systems. Here it works very efficiently.



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