4 thoughts on “Copy Cat

  1. You are right Tango. The black leather is new and was handcrafted by the Studer seller. The side panels were made by my carpenter, who made the speakers as well (wood!). I am using a different stand for the 820, you may move it…



  2. Eckart,
    I think I like the 807 in the horizontal position. Much easier to thread and do maintenance. What brand NAB hubs are those on the 807? I like the low profile.
    Are you using any type of noise reduction for the second generation copy? I would imagine with such fine machines it probably isn’t necessary? Often times the best control for tape hiss is proper biasing and proper eq for playback. Often overlooked, but it does make a tremendous difference.

    Superb machines Eckart. I wish they were mine. =)



  3. Hi Norman,
    The NAB hubs are from Darklab (darklab-magnetics).They used to provide even larger spools than 26,5 cm which are sometimes necessary when you change from shoestring to aluminum spools. I am not using any noise reduction at all, neither with my RtRs as with the Cassette Recorder. No need as I am going for high quality recordings. All machines are biased at Studer Munich.
    The A 807 is very special as it comes with an extra head for 1/4 track recordings & playback on the right side. You may switch the head & recording mode. Maybe i will bring back my C37, in case you wanna buy the 807…🤣



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