3 thoughts on “The Neumanns

  1. Eckart,

    I have a Decca ‘Red’ from the sixties which needs a re-tip. I think this is a similar design along with the Lumiere? Is that correct? I know our friend Stefano speaks well of his Lumiere, though I have never seen or heard one.

    The same goes for these very elusive Nuemanns. These are so rare I would be worried to use them. Very difficult to repair and re-tip. I am assuming the sound must be just magical.. Of cours one can order and wait a year or two for the Tzar DST. ($10,000) U.S. =)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Norman,
    I do have the Decca Red and the London Reference. The Lumiere had a certain status but the production quality varies. The Tzar I have never heard.
    Yes, the quality is magical and somehow earthy and firm, no other cart I heard could bring this kind of sound. Absolutely fantastic!



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