The Last Miles

George Cole wrote a highly praised book about the last 11 years of Miles Davis touring with different group members – The last Miles. It is about their gigs, the musicians and many more.

A record of that time was published five years after Miles death – Live Around The World. A recent Japanese pressing which came out just these days on two records by Warner Brothers keeps the aura and ingenious art of Miles and his groups in an excellent audiophile way. A masterpiece!

3 thoughts on “The Last Miles

  1. Eckart,
    There is so much to consider when discussing Miles. For me personally, I enjoy the acoustic ‘bop’, ‘modal’ and ‘cool’ jazz periods far more than the electric ‘fusion’ and ‘synth’ work of the 70’s and 80’s.
    Still, one must admire his genius and courage for exploring and expanding what we have traditionally thought of as proper jazz.

    Excellent post, I will search online and order a copy.
    By the way, that is the largest Miles Lp collection I’ve ever seen. I showed the photo to my wife who told me that I have “too many” Miles Lp’s already. =)



  2. Norman,
    You will not regret it. Time after time, as well as Hannibal, are brilliant interpretations of the songs. The sound quality is awesome. Enjoy.



  3. I added Miles & Quincy – Live at Montreux. I do have it as a copy of the Mastertape. Really good! Warner Brothers issued a brilliant Japanese pressing. When you hear it you will be astonished about the good quality, especially the drums.



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