SAEC 506/16 & EV 506

This is one of the original true statement arms of the vintage period. Another one was the FR-66s.

My unit is completely Ikeda silver cabled from the needle to the connection, and in addition it is well equipped with a very rare and costly lift, the EV 506 which came separate.

Besides of the Titanium made SPj the SAEC 506/16 provides my fully air bearing Caeles System. The Allnic H-5000 DHT transports the audio signal to the Pre/Amps.

At High End 2018 in Munich I have seen SAEC planning a restart. I wish them all the best improving their masterpiece tonearms.

2 thoughts on “SAEC 506/16 & EV 506

  1. Eckart,
    Everyone knows of the Fidelity Research fr-66 series, beautiful arms indeed. This one here however is much more rare. I’ve never seen one. It does look impressive. What is on the headshell? Some type of anti resonance material?
    Great post!


  2. Norman,
    These small units are Harmonix RF-5700 ultimate tuning tips.
    You will find a SAEC 506/16 on some vintage sources, you do harder finding a lift like the EV 506 with its basic platter. Sometimes it is as costly as the arm itself.



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