Cleaning the stylus

How to get rid of unwanted particles, dust, dirt etc. at your cartridge stylus which might degrade the sound quality?

I am never using a brush, sometimes a zero dust jelly tool. Best is a special liquid like the Audio Technica AT 607 or Lyra SPT Stylus Treatment.

Using a small microscope enables me to clean the stylus by careful watching what I am doing in „the small world“.

I got a Lyra Titan i, which was one of the first promo Titan i s, not labeled but an improvement of the original Titan. Just look at the condition after using it for quite some time and the result of careful cleaning by the AT liquid under the microscope.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning the stylus

  1. E.,
    Why no brush? I have used a Discwasher stylus brush for years with good results. I also use their original SC-2 stylus cleaning fluid.
    Now I a want to get a microscope to exam the results. =)

    Good post! Often overlooked and neglected. A clean stylus is a must.



  2. Dear Mr. Eckart,
    I absolutely agree with you and Mr. Norman(excellent the SC-2).
    And, sincerely my compliments for such pragmatic approach, taking into consideration the planetary top level of your cartridges collection.
    Many vinyl fans know that there were so many offered stylus cleaning devices & methods, from machines till sand paper(Linn), passing through the fluids & brush…
    Someone wrote that the alcohol based fluids could harm the stylus bonding glue…
    But, Audio Technica, Nagaoka, Lyra, are successfully selling such fluids with different formulas from decades and they are cartridges makers…
    I can’t even think they will market a fluid which will harm the bonding glue or corrode the cantilever material.
    Cleaning procedure should be done, wisely, as simply as indicated by Mr. Eckart.
    Thank you


  3. Norman,
    A brush usually is too hard for the sensitive stylus and cantilever. You may push it incidentally in the wrong way harming the suspension. Guess you are experienced in doing it correctly!
    I added the kind of microscope coming with the screen and if you want USB connection to your computer, about 90 dollars.

    You are so right. A proper cleaning is the best step for music pleasure in your home.



  4. Dear E.,
    Once again, thanks for sharing your experience. That is indeed very valuable advice. Definitely purchasing a microscope very soon…


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