3 thoughts on “Some Carts

  1. Dear E.,
    what a superb sample from your collection! I had the opportunity to hear a Tzar DST and it is definitely one of the best I´ve ever heard. I can only wonder how great the original one sounds!
    Kind regards,


  2. Dear Paulo,
    It is an unplayed sample before it came to me. And you are right it sounds fantastic on the Ortofon arm and EMT R 80. All other 5 carts on the 5th picture have the diamond (EMT) connection. I am not sure if you have ever seen a short Fidelity Research coming with the EMT diamond?



    • Dear E.,
      fortune helps the bold! You definitely have a set of very rare gems and to grab them in NOS condition is quite an achievement.
      I’ve never came across a FR with such a feature and could not spot it until you mentioned! The FR7 cartridges are under the radar and I am pretty sure in the right setup they are hard to beat.
      Ein schönes musikalisches Wochenende wünsche ich dir!


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