Visiting Burmester

I had the chance visiting Burmester seeing the production site which is being modernized due to modern automotive processes. It is amazing to learn about the handicraft ability of the developers and production engineers, especially when it comes to the big loudspeakers BC350 and the new turntable 175.

The BC350 comprises an exceptionally good bass system on top of its ability to produce a precise and clear sound. I guess in terms of a solid speaker system this is one of the best I ever heard. No wonder that prominent musicians buy the BC350.

The newly developed turntable 175 includes a phono platine. It is somehow a fixed installation with clever ideas on motor management and cable lines, being connected to a big power supply.

The music we listened to was Harry Belafonte ´s Carnegie Hall concert.
Quite impressive what we got to „breathe“ !
I also learned that Burmester is developing a new headphone system by the same people who build my Sennheiser HE-1 (Orpheus II).

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