VTA, SRA and Azimuth

not everyone takes care of a „correct“ VTA, SRA and Azimuth adjustment. In some articles it is said that small deviations will not interfere acoustic perception. I have a different approach in this matter.

Dependent on wordings of cutting engineers the recording angel will be set in between 91-95 of SRA (stylus rake angel). It should not deviate too much at tracking.

We all know that we may change the sound when lifting or dropping the tonearm – VTA ( vertical tracking angle).

I will not give recommendations here. With a little care and playing around you easily see possible traps of distortion and may take care when adjusting in the way you like it. See also the discussion in the US, Mike Fremer.

Here is an older but basic article: World Wide Web. 512MFVTA_article.pdf

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