14 ´´

A good friend of mine pointed out a negative characteristic of the SAEC 8000, and he is right:

„The real downside of the SAEC tonearms is the ceramic headshell which must be the absolute worst choice of headshell material ever imagined….
Though they still command outrageous prices (if you can find one)…..this work of the ‘devil’ will make every cartridge sound like fingernails being dragged down a classroom blackboard“

I cooperated with Acoustical Systems building a new and better version of the headshell.

AS writes: „The WE-8000 is the only SAEC tonearm where the offset of the headshell is correct.The SAEC 506/30 was designed to be used with 10″ and singles only. It’s geometry does reflect it. Out of curiosity I have calculated a different alignment for the 506/30 which does suit 12″ records MUCH better“.

I am using this new alignment on my 506/30 as I am also using a correct alignment especially made for the WE 8000.

I have to mention it is written a lot of nonsense about this wonderful vintage arm, mostly by the Mexican on Agon. But who cares…

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