Some 15 years ago…

…I started to study the requirements for an excellent listening room. It is not that easy especially when you build up a completely new design & listening architecture.

Dampening but also establishing a profound power sound system I installed
a wooden ceiling with different long chambers to let the sound flow. You will also see special reflexion inlays in these chambers. But this is only one of the measurements I took into place.

The floor is a 20mm wooden parquet one which takes up a big carpet. At the side walls you will see LPs and CDs as well as books in the rear compartment to diffuse unwanted reflections.

Besides of a small window at the right front side you will only find a large glass face on top of the rear room, in this way avoiding unwanted glass impacts.

The walls are made of a 40 cm thick special concret mixture, should be the best in terms of a good listening room. I abstained from bringing in a floor heating or any air condition apparatus.

I am enjoying the room and the equipment since over 15 years! Quite a good investment when looking back.

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2 thoughts on “Some 15 years ago…

  1. E,
    I love this room! My wife said that I can’t have one. We haven’t the room in my home anyway.
    I am surprised that there is no air conditioning. I would imagine that the electronics warm things up a bit during the summer months.
    Well done my friend!



    • The climate is very balanced Norman. As half of the room (2,7 m) is in the underground It is quite cold (not too much) in the summer months. And in winter time (do we have a real winter with snow etc.?) the heating is done by the black large heating element. A possible floor heating would support the creation of swirling the dust. The diameters of the room are aligned at the golden profile model.

      The side window at the right front side allows circulating of fresh air, covered by an automatic curtain if necessary. The large top glass platters at the rear room bring enough light, also covered by an automatic curtain if wanted. I did decide between a perfect listening room having opted for a non-glas-surface design instead of enjoying an outside view. Glas as a reflection problem is more the concern I had. Nevertheless you never feel as you were in a „bunker“, more like sitting and walking in a „natural environment“. Really!

      Tell your wife I had to make a compromise, allowing me and my wife a large veranda with some exceptional bushes and trees on top of the room. If you would see a picture of all the cables running on the top roof layer before embedded into concrete you understand the careful planning and excellent work of my electrician. He also made the 7.1 cabling beneath the Norwegian wooden floor panels. In the last years I did not use film-shows, only concentrating on music. Maybe I have to start it again. It is even better than in a cinema 🤩.



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