2 thoughts on “I am still listening to my tapes

  1. Eckart,

    Time to move the ASC to the big system. I wonder how it compares A807?
    Great shots. Were you repairing or replacing a motor?



  2. Norman,

    Thanks. I already moved it to the big system. The Pabst motor is a spare one which I bought in Switzerland just in case…
    The machine came to me fully restored, inspected and perfectly aligned with the new heads.
    In terms of sound quality it is very nice and in comparison to A807 no difference. I had to buy an adapter matching the small RCA inputs (that´s the old way) for the 7 m Audioquest XLR silver cable.
    Currently I am watching from Vietnam what happens in the world. We are very safe here. Entry regulations are very strict, as it is in Taiwan as well.
    Hope you got no virus (only in Audio)!



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