Round Again

The original Joshua Redman Quartet with Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride and Brian Blade—reunites on ‘RoundAgain,’ an album of seven newly composed songs and the group’s first recording since 1994’s MoodSwing.

Besides of Bob Dylan’s new album this is the Album of the Year, wonderful compositions, played extremely harmonious and recorded/pressed in High Quality.

4 thoughts on “Round Again

  1. I have to ask: these records (redman quartet and dylan) are they not digitally recorded (and manipulated)?

    If so, whats the point of buying them on vinyl? The covers?



    • Jesper,
      Recording Studios today use the most modern Digital Recorders or even Analogue Recorders.
      It doesn`t matter from which mastertape the recordings are put on vinyl unless you have an excellent recording setting (mikes, room, recording engineer etc.).
      The Nonesuch label is prominent for good recordings & reproductions. Did you liston to the record?



      • Personally, I dont really see or hear the point of vinyl unless the source is analog the whole way. Which means that I only buy old (pre late 80s) second hand records and stuff from analogue productions.

        CDs are good (and significantly better than streaming) if the source material is minimally messed with in the digital domain. For example old AAD discs.

        The rest I can stream from tidal. Which I also use quite a bit to find records that I then buy on discogs.

        I’ll give dylan and redman a listen on tidal.



  2. Personally, I have many recordings that were recorded in the studio to digital tape or hard drive and released in both CD and LP format. I have always found the LP playback to be superior. It is something that is tangible and inherent physically as well as electronically in the manner in which LP playback is reproduced which is analog.

    I have to agree with Eckart, that is doesn’t really manner what the source is, as long as the reproduction and execution of the media (in this case LP) is done well. LP will always have a different sound character then a stream or CD playback. The same is true for open reel tape. Therefore, if given the opportunity to listen to a digital recording in CD or LP format, I will almost certainly choose the LP every time. And this of course is just my personal preference.



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