Phono amplification

I am using the EMI and Columbia cards besides of the RIAA curve. It is worth doing so in case you have the old vinyl!
you see the cards standing in the first row of the phono in front of the image.

A plate made of steel should block possible impact of magnetic fields.

8 thoughts on “Phono amplification

  1. My uncle Bill Durst worked for many years at RCA (1932-1982). He made a phono preamp in the 50 ties with all known compensations, including riaa. When visiting the family in 1968 in Indianapolis he demonstrated the differences. They were profound. He ended up in Japan helping out Japan Victor Company with new technology. He had worked with development of color TV´s in the 1930 ties (and US radars during ww2). He inspired Me in 1968 to get involved in hifi.


  2. Hi Sir,

    Can you share me the sound character of boulder 2008? Some said the sound come with edge , clinical , etc
    I am planning to get a new phono for top wind red sparrow , which is output only 0.2mv. What do you think for red sparrow and boulder 2008? Can they match well?

    Thank you.


  3. Hi Gabriel,
    To be very honest, I believe many people are not able to operate the Boulder in the way it deserves. It is a fantastic, musical phono pre. Not in any way cold or clinical. You need to solder the correct resistors on the small input plates, which is not so difficult.
    I use it for the Goldfinger cart v2 with 800 Ohm. Such a wonderful and miraculous sound. Maybe this phono was to expensive (48 K) ending up with such comments 😂



  4. Hi,
    I just obtained the boulder 2008.
    Can you share me what are the capacitor you are using and how to make order said 800ohm?
    I am currently using red sparrow 0.2 Mv output and internal impedance 12.3 ohm. Some recommend 800-1000o.



  5. Hi Gabriel,
    I am using Vishai resistors. You need to buy two 800 Ohm resistors, solder it on the plate and use it with a 40 Ohm cartridge.


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