Nr. 62

a good friend of mine sent me a recent advertisement of an EMT 927 on Audiogon. It is equipped with a replica of an EMT 927 tonearm, a Stereo EMT pre, no scale, no shocking frame – and should go for 47.500 USD.

I remember having offered my EMT R 62 for the same price, coming with an Ortofon tonearm, shocking frame, glass platter, plastic platter, scale, two refurbished dual mono EMT pres and a Dusch converter which might be the better choice in terms of sound quality etc.

And well – it is a small auditorium knowing about the qualities of such a beautiful vintage turntable, being able to reproduce one of the best sounds in turntable history – and beating most of the modern products.

Of course it means something using this table with the Neumanns or other designated cartridges, like the Ortofon A90, the Denon Zu, the EMT JSD6, the Denon DL-A100, a very special FR-7f. You may also try the classical EMT carts – but the real challenge is using other combinations.

6 thoughts on “Nr. 62

  1. Eckart,
    I remember you sending me a copy of your eBay listing. I was happy for you when it didn’t sell. I’m still kicking myself for selling mine, but I just didn’t have the room for it like you do.

    Thank you again for all of the help you gave when I was setting my up. I agree, this turntable is magic.



    • Hi Norman,

      I know about all tables having been sold. The Nakamichi 1000, some Micro Seiki 8000II, the Kelch Reference II, the Garrard 501 etc. It is just the same as with you. I love them all, missed them, but I still do not have the place to put new gear in. So you are not alone! We are lamenting all together my friend 🥴


  2. Just shipped my 927st with all the goodies (lamp, brake, scale and 139st phono) to Dusch for a tune up. I am really looking forward to hearing what these legends are capable of doing.


  3. Dusch is very good on these. He will be supported by his daughter. You may not recognize your 927st after tuning. Enjoy!



  4. Have you seen and tried the new Tondose cartridges from EMT?
    They look interesting, the TSD MRB has a Boron cantalever. Any thoughts on these?


  5. Hi Paul,
    With the sales of EMT from Jules Limon to Micha Huber they developed a new headshell design for the Tondosen. I have not tried them so far. The material should be more stiff as it is made from a magnesium block. The generator was not changed.
    I have the old Tondosen, TSD 15, TSD 15 Lzi, TSD Mono, the JSD 6 and two Bakelite Mono carts (the old ones!).



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