2 thoughts on “Fidelity Research 66-s, Umami Red, Tango MCT 999

  1. Eckart,
    I love Fidelity Research tone arms! Fidelity Research was founded by Isamu Ikeda in 1964, and you can still get examples of his excellent tonearms at Ikeda Sound Labs.

    I briefly used a model 54 and enjoyed it very much. Perfect for low compliance cartridges and worked well with my 1966 Denon 103.

    You have such a large variety of phono stages. Like many, I simply use the phone stage in my preamp, currently a very nice marantz 24. I don’t remember the 66s arm, so I’ll do a little research. I do remember the 64 coming out in the early to mid 70’s I believe. I’m sure the 66s is an excellent match to the Denon table.

    Your post has me wishing I had kept mine!



  2. Norman,
    In the 90ies of the last century I realized how important separate phonostages were! Also I experimented with Step Up Transformers no magazine writers were discussing it. This was a breakthrough in music perception.
    My two Kondos, the EMT, the Allnic and even the Boulder are allowing MM inputs, therefore connecting the equivalent SUT in between the cartridge and the stage became an exceptional experiment.
    Even today many phono stages magazine writers are playing music with are using fixed resistors or settings not always providing the best sound harmonization.
    Nevertheless it is also a field of discovering the real music adventure most people are uncertain doing it in a proper way.

    The FR-66s was one of the first arms coming with a silver litz inside the tube. Ikeda sama did an excellent job. I had two of the 66-s, one sold to Australia. I do understand the high prices they are traded today.



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