Merry Xmas EMT – 80 years

I wish a great Xmas to all EMT employees, in the first line Jules Limon and Micha Huber from Hifiction AG – and thanks for the wonderful present – the beautiful EMT cushion.

I started my career with EMT by my friend Tim in Paris (now he moved to a romantic country place) regarding the EMT 927 and the SME 3012 (first series). Later on I was impressed by the EMT JPA 66 at High End Munich, could give Jules Limon small hints in improving little issues. 

Jules did install my EMT JPA 66 in my listening room, one of the best phono preamplifiers on this planet. Great experience! With my friend in Utah, David, I exchanged many ideas about EMT. He owns a 927 and several EMT cartridges. Also on the Neumann carts he is a man with deep knowledge. Loved the joint hiking at Bryce Canyon. Norman and I exchanged many topics on EMT. He misses his 927 while Henry is still looking for a potential unit 😀.

I got my R80 from Vienna. It used to be a radio unit at the Austrian Broadcasting Institution (ORF). Enjoyed the sellers enterprise! Jules provided me with the two Bakelite Mono carts and the EMT 15 Lzi, which I regard as one of the best in this series.

Looking forward to new designs and inventions by Micha Huber – and let’s do meet again on High End 2021, fom September 9th to 12th.

I wish a peaceful Xmas feast with lots of wonderful music to all of my blog visitors. Enjoy and relax, music is what connects us and keeps us all alive due to the health threats still going on.

All the best

3 thoughts on “Merry Xmas EMT – 80 years

  1. Eckart,

    You still have the nicest EMT, the very rare R80. Henry, go to YouTube, type ‘Art Dudley Roybott Audio’ in the search box and you will see a video of a near perfect 927 for sale. Maybe it’s the one for you?

    Yes, I miss the EMT immensely, if you have the space to me it is the finest sounding turntable. Like Eckart’s, mine came from a radio station. Eckart help me sort out the proper arm and cartridge for the table recommending many suitable combinations. I however did not have the 139ST preamp, and it was still wonderful.

    We can all end the year with some much needed time off with our families! Yes, music connects everyone. Enjoy Eckart, my best to you and the Mrs!



  2. Thank you Norman,
    Henry already watched Art Dudley´s 927. We are still waiting for the snow, maybe you got it already? Greetings to your wife too.


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