Happy New Year 2021

Norman asked me to show an image of the room. Here it is. Made by Sony a7RII with Zeiss Batis 18mm. You see the Bavarian Voice 8x which is 2,20 meters high giving you a good assumption of the room´s size.

As the time between Xmas and New Years Eve allows to organize the collection (I usually find some LPs in two samples 🥴) it is also a good opportunity to show how I do photographs.

This one is a Macro shot of the Axiom Titan ´s height scales, made by Sony a7RII with the Sony macro lens 2.8/90 G OSS:

I use my Canon EOS 1 with the Ultrasonic 24-70 lens or other Canon lenses in different settings, sometimes with the head downside or just upright:

my Canon equipment:

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2021

  1. Eckart,
    Thanks so much for the shots! I especially love the shot of the amp. “Let’s enjoy”.
    Today I did some of the same, organizing tapes and LPs. Rewired my daughters tonearm, installed new lamps in my old marantz 24 preamp/tuner and enjoyed a day of relaxing with good food, music and family.
    As I write this I have a good bourbon in the glass, Keith Jarrett ‘Whisper Not’ on the hifi and thinking how everything sounds just right tonight.
    Looking at your photos makes me wonder what this would sound like on your system? =).
    Enjoy the evening and thank you again for all the enjoyment we all get from your excellent posts!


  2. Norman,
    as music is our life or maybe we could say listening and looking (images) at the world we do enjoy. But we also have some work on improving our systems. I guess my room has seen so many different turntables and some other stuff I should stop walking around. Nevertheless you may know how vulnerable we are on looking at something new/old! Repairing your daughter´s tonearm you do it right. I listened to Keith Jarret´s last CD „Budapest“, liked the second CD much more than the first but will never forget Keith´s appearance at the Munich concert, some four years ago. We might never see him live again!



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