A very special Mono chain

driving a Pierre Clement table the preconditions are not that easy as you need at least restored units by Monsieur Bernard. Everything else I regard as too risky. I got some from my friend in Paris/Belleme.

The table is a H4L7 with a Clement L7 (so called Schlumberger) tonearm, the carts are a L7b for 33 (red) and a L7b for 78 rpm (silver).

As the turntable was revised I did only little adjustments like adding a new power cord.

I wasn’t expecting too much as I was told the table is a more or less simple design, the carts do have a huge output voltage and should work only with a matching phono stage, at best a unit of the good old times.

So I was really surprised at a first fast appraisal listening to an magnificent, earthbound and firm sound. Obviously the EMT matches the PC quite good. I presumably need more sessions to come to a final assessment.

Therefore I went for a Monophonic design which comes with an extra power supply. This unit does have a special emphasis for Pierre Clement carts. I will report as soon as the units have arrived.

2 thoughts on “A very special Mono chain

  1. Eckart,
    What a lovely turntable. Looks perfect. I was recently reading a website that offered adapters so that the PC cartridges can be used with SME tone arm mounts. I thought that was interesting as finding the proper PC tonearm is more difficult than locating good examples of the cartridges.
    Your example looks new! I am unclear, are these moving coil or moving magnet designs?
    I was once told that they sound very much like the mid century DECA cartridges. Very smooth natural midrange. I have an old DECCA red that I sometimes enjoy.



    • Norman,
      It is a completely revised Pierre Clement table, also the cartridges are „New“.
      I connect via MM. Yes, it sounds very natural and earthbound.
      When the Monophonic phono preamp arrives I will tell you about my perception.
      Shouldn ´t be too long.


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