A visit to France

participating at a wonderfully organized meeting of audio friends we exchanged lots of ideas around electronic gear, loudspeakers, turntables and all around everything which had a musical impact – records etc. (next post).

A new turntable by Frank Schröder with his new tonearm comprising a material from mineral dosed polyretan and a kind of strain gauge design convinced totally. A nice mixture of simplicistic design and of great sound capabilities this unit is not only an eye catcher but a masterpiece of direct drive technology.

shooting out speakers…

… comparing different tube designs and electronic circuits…

…and good drinks – but unfortunately not for me as I had to use a car reaching my hotel. This will be different next year!

5 thoughts on “A visit to France

  1. Eckart,
    Such simple systems! I love it. The Audio Note speakers are among my favorites. A very different listening experience for you I would imagine. The small speakers cannot deliver the impact that you are used too, but they are very musical.

    Seems like everything Frank Schroder does is wonderful, looking forward to seeing this turntable when it arrives here. Excellent post. But only ONE Bourbon? Hmmm.



    • Norman,
      Bourbon became a little more expensive over here since your former president raised the taxes 😂
      The Audio Note speakers were quite ok.



  2. Regarding the Frank Schroder turntable: if the material of tonearm is really minral doped polyurethan, then the tonearm could be produced by 3D printing, right? Does the direct drive turntable have an improved motor with an increased number of anchors to provide for a smooth drive?

    Best Karsten


    • Karsten,
      The tonearm is produced in selective laser melting. The motor is ironless. You need to tell me when you think you will have reached a smooth drive 😄?



  3. Hi guys,
    The process is called „Selective Laser Melting“… a google search will yield more details. The main, single piece arm structure with its internal, split struts cannot be produced through milling or casting. The „raw“ piece needs to be hand finished, since the SLM process does not produce sufficiently smooth surfaces.


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