as quality really matters in case you are enjoying good music in a serious environment it might be interesting to have a further look into quality productions of our beloved records.

Mofi’s story is discussed in a previous blog. I am definitely a vinyl lover but also engaged in digital processes. Having convinced some of my visitors that digital might be a good option I am not an extreme denier of digital steps in a mastering process.

Miles Showell from Abbey Road Studios is not mentioning whether they are using DSD technology or not. Nevertheless some of their masterings are absolutely convincing. Just take the Police compilation.

What kind of dynamics, details are precisely listenable. The overall musical presentation is overwhelming!

4 thoughts on “Quality

  1. If the source of the record is a digital file then id rather have the digital file.

    Digital vinyl makes no sense — at all.


    • I sometimes do. Just take the EMC DDD files in Oslo, Norway. Or SACDs. You will wonder how good they sound via a superb digital processor chain of dCS.

      Even the vinyl taken from these digital recordings are quite ok.


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