Exceptional Records

These are well recorded and exceptionally good compilations of different kind of music. The CDs are African influenced sessions, in the case of Kondi Band a varied and colourful set of tracks infusing Boima Tucker´s and Will Horrock´s wide-ranging dancefloor influences.

Nduduzo Makathini is a passionate South African Jazz piano player. He is one of the rare musicians being able to handle pauses and backbeats. You need listening twice or three times to his CDs to understand the creativity of his wonderful music.

The first time you will be able to enjoy Alphonse Mouzonˋs „By all means“ from an analogue disc. Great Fusion Jazz! And about Larry Corryell I do not have to write a word. So sorry that both musicians are not among us anymore!

2 thoughts on “Exceptional Records

  1. Eckart,
    You are always a good source for tasteful new music selections. Thank you, I will look for some of these. You should keep adding to this post as you go through your collection. There are so many ‘Exceptional Records’. I can already think of 15-20 more in your collection just while writing this. =)



  2. Norman,
    I feel a bit worried seeing comments on good records rather than finding many ideas and presentations of new technology. Look at Stereophile or Analog Planet. Maybe it is also a sign of getting a bit tired dealing with new developments or being happy with your system.
    Anyway I will look into my collection and come with some rare records.



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