No 5 and No 11

Brinkmann Oasis 10th Anniversary No 5 and Zanden 1200 MK II No 11, Crystal Cable Dreamline, Acoustical Systems Aquilar, Audio Technica Art 1000

playing Eric Clapton’s Unplugged One Step Mastering. A warm and swinging sound at 45 rpm welcomes me! Love it 😍

5 thoughts on “No 5 and No 11

  1. E.,
    This is such an elegant turntable. I didn’t have the extremely rare 10th anniversary model. Mine was purchased used and was manufactured in 2013. While I didn’t feel it had the drive of my Garrard 301 or modded Dual 1229, it did have the ability to clearly space and spread out instruments within the soundstage in a most uncanny way.
    Solo piano was especially remarkable. It was also, absolutely the quietest turntable I’ve ever owned. It ran completely silent , unlike the big EMT, or the other two idlers previously mentioned.
    The EMT certainly had the dynamics, and pace, but the Oasis did everything else. Probably the biggest, widest, deepest soundstage I’ve ever hear from vinyl. I should have kept it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. N.
    I first heard it at the High End in Munich some years ago. It was a remarkable demonstration by Gaudios. I never thought that such a small design (with lots of engineering developments) could transport music in such an excellent way. Maybe some of my visitors will not believe the perfect and stunning ability to build up a wall of sound by this table. Bigger designs show more structure and weight! But…
    You are right in your rating. And don’t forget the arm and cart will do a difference on top!



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