2 thoughts on “On Fire

  1. This is the one SET amp converting every solid-state-afficionado into a true believer of the oldest principle in audio amplifier design.
    Taking into consideration that there still are some bottlenecks in its periphery design (budget-quality input potentiometer, certainly not top-notch input jacks and mediocre output terminals) it makes one wonder what steps are still possible in the Wavac 833’s sonic performance.

    One of the 2-3 best amplifiers I have ever heard.
    My amplifier of choice – if I had the room, the money and the needed air condition to fight back it’s heat dissipation ….. this amplifier request very casual high summer clothing in mid winter listening sessions!
    To me the one amp to end the search.


  2. due to the design of the listening room -planning took two years- the average temperature is nearly the same in winter and summer. Of course it does need some heating in winter. You only “Feel the Fire” when you’re getting very close.


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