More than a Tonearm?

I was looking for a tonearm design being able to adopt the special geometry of the TOHO tubes. This project could be implemented by the help of the designer of the new Axiom tonearm who built a special connection in a 12″ Axiom tonearm layout which I now call ToXiom.


Toxiom 000Toxiom 1

Toxiom 2

Basically it is an Axiom carrying the TOHO tubes.

The Japanese egineering  company TOHO used to produce fine machinery parts on audio and photo equipment in the 80 ies of the last century.  They are still in the photo business. I am very much pleased owning a massive rare TOHO armboard stand for some of my tonearms. TOHO also produced a tonearm, the T-2401. For this arm they provided a set of six very special arm tubes made out of different wood and other materials, even glas! As today it is nearly impossible to get a T-2401  I was lucky buying an original new tube set.

Toho tubes

Toho arm

4 thoughts on “More than a Tonearm?

  1. Hello
    I restorate a TOHO T-2401 tonearm but missing some parts.
    Do anybody know if TOHO is still in business ore where to find some parts


  2. Hello,
    Toho Audio is not in business anymore. The company moved to photography instruments. I guess it is difficult finding parts. Maybe you should ask TopClassAudio or get in contact with tonearm manufacturers in Lettland or Germany.


  3. who did say it?
    sounds interesting but I do not really believe when I am listening to my sources in Japan and Hongkong.
    Maybe you get parts from Yahoo in Japan as they ocassionally appear on the platform.
    Good luck!


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