7 thoughts on “next turntable project ahead…

  1. Yes, ‘why so many tables’, and so I asked it. =) I see you’re getting ready for something big… if you’re married, you must have the most understanding wife in the world. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
    From Chicago


  2. Indeed these are granite plates sitting on Copulare artificial coral lifters without the frame thus decoupling the heavy granite plates from the stand.


  3. Thanks! I’ve thought of granite platforms under turntables and would be interested in knowing more about any effect they have on the sound in your experience.


  4. If you are only using granite it is a hard but not sufficient decoupling. Usually I am going for slate, artifical coral and other material – you see it in my system. Whatever subplate you are using better put it on serious decoupling feet or lifters.
    The sound of a heavy table like the Hybrid Micro System on a granite platform is pretty nice (not cold) if you are using decoupling measurements.


  5. This is a custome made base by Tabula Rasa filled with lead balls. I do not know the name. You may also use SSC or Copulare platforms.


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