a new headshell for the SAEC WE 8000

I love this beautiful and excellent sounding jewel of the “Golden Times of Japanese Tonearms”. I wrote so many times about this beloved tonearm and I stick to what I said: ” I will never sell it, never ever”

The only issue I had you don`t find any headshells with the correct geometry anymore. What to do? Look…

It is nearly impossible finding additional headshells for the wonderful SAEC WE 8000 tonearm. Here is an even better solution based on the Arche design for the modern days


old (tonearm) & new (headshell) in harmony – but there are differences when comparing the sound with the original old and the new headshells 🙂


FullSizeRender (9)


2 thoughts on “a new headshell for the SAEC WE 8000

  1. Fabulous looking tonearm! Makes the ‘Cobra’ arm look so out of place! =) So, which sounds better? SAEC 8000 or the Cobra?

    From Chicago


    • Norman,
      it depends on many details, used cart, phono pre, SUT etc. Both arms are wonderful. With many more new headshells for the WE 8000 I am able to change carts quickly. Mounting a cart in the Cobra is a good work.


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