A serious platter

I decided exchanging my 15,5 Kg Micro Seiki brass platter with a 20,8 Kg steel platter especially designed and manufactured for my SDP-project.

the platter has no holes for installing the typical MS handles. But there is a different way of putting the heavy platter on the bearing without touching the bearing and damaging one`s fingers…

here are some images:

platter 1platter 2platter 3platter 4platter last

6 thoughts on “A serious platter

  1. Since replacing the original brass alloy platter with a steel platter which I assume was done to increase the rotating mass, if that was the plan, the why not go all the way with tungsten alloy which is roughly twice as heavy as steel for the same volume?


  2. E,
    Is this a Micro Seiki table? Wasn’t the platter on your Walker a similar size and weight? Is there a big performance difference between this table and your Walker? You seem o really prefer this table.

    From Chicago


  3. Thanks Jean, you know what it means producing platters!
    Reiner, as we experienced that the Micro steel platters sound better than the brass platters the decison for the material was based on that. The weight for a real mass table should be ideally over 17 Kg. So all aims reached!


  4. Norman,

    it is a Micro. You`ll find more information under “The Bavarian SDP MS” on this site. Never had a Walker
    greetings to Chicago


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