Grooving In The Micros…

what is better than a Friday summer evening having a good glass of cool Lugana Limne (Tenuta Roveglia) and listening to some of the best Grooving Jazz Records spinning in front of your ears?!

playing these superb Micro Grooves with an EMT OFD 25 on the EMT R 80 via the EMT JPA66 phono & pre using a true Mono line (matched and modified Jorg Shou SUT) brings you in a kind of sentimental mood.
If you play the Soulful Drums of Joe Dukes as the last of the four it will be a kind of wake up record making you dance on the drums – oh yes!

– Benny Golson: Groovin With Golson
– Lee Morgan: Candy
– Ernie Henry Quartet: Seven Standards And A Blues
– McDuff Quartett: The Soulful Drums Of Joe Dukes With The Brother Jack McDuff Quartett

I recommend going for samples in good condition, at best NM or NM-. In this case it is worth spending a bit more and not ending up on scuffed grooves.

This is wonderful Jazz!Micro Grooves

2 thoughts on “Grooving In The Micros…

  1. After Lenco Heaven I started to buy records again. Having no clue in Jazz, I just bought… Lee Morgan.
    And you are right.
    It came with an Aperol Spritz on ice, but it worked as well.


  2. Eckart,
    A few years ago I bought what I thought was a collection of 10 inch 78rpm jazz records. As it turns out, it is a collection of 10 inch “micro groove” 33 1/3 rpm jazz records. I never knew about these, they sound superb! Billy Taylor, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, etc. I really must get a proper mono cartridge now. I will look for the titles you mention here.

    As a side note there are several 78’s as well and I can’t believe how good the sound. They are obviously some of the last 78 recordings made as they are as recent as 1954.



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