How Music Saved My Life

A96C19786X0A0138-2eels-26X0A0134being a long time admirer of Mark Oliver Everett of the Eels I recently read his book “How music saved my life”, a kind of biography but written from a different more psychological point of view. I do recommend reading this book! You could say biographies of Pop & Rock musicians are not important. The one of Mark Oliver Everett is!

Having collected all his CDs I started investing into vinyl on the Eels which is somehow a very costly adventure as most of the earlier recordings do not exist in sufficient numbers. On the older LPs the blinking Lights Box was my beginning, Daisies of the Galaxy, Souljacker and Electro Shock Blues arrived these days. If you hear the guitar riffs of “Last Stop: This Town” the first time from vinyl you know what you`re missing even being able using an excellent CD reproduction chain.

I have been to Atlanta’s Variety Theater and enjoyed this location  very much. Unfortunately I missed the Eels showing up there. My friend of course was there and told me Mark is a very talented man!

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