from the treasure box…

I found another table among my collection deposit. It must have been designated for a second or third room, a Bang & Olufson (B&O) BeoGram 8500 Record Deck, manufactured between1990 – 1993, Designer: Jacob Jensen, Colours: Grey.
The technical aspects of Beogram 8500 were identical to Beogram 9500; it was only the finish that was different which was coloured soft grey instead of silver.

B&O 8500 -1

In design, technology and operating philosophy, the Beogram 8500 turntable was a perfect match for the Beocenter systems but also worked fine as a separate table.
Using a light-weight MMC5 cartridge (this one I bought seperately in NOS condition), its electronic tangential arm playes each record at the exact angle it was cut giving the most precise reading of the grooves ensuring that every nuance of a recording is captured.

B&O 8500 -3

B&O 8500 - 4

The arm was suspended by a patented Bang & Olufsen system which helped prevent vibrations from any source reaching the cartridge. And the chassis suspension acted as an effective buffer against external vibrations.

BeoGram 8500 Record Deck Product Specifications:

5971 (1990 – Oct 1993) (X)
J 5973 (1990 – Dec 1990)
Speeds: 33 – 45 rpm
Speed deviation: < +/- 0.2 %

Wow and flutter, DIN: < +/- 0.06 %
Rumble DIN weighted: > 80 dB
Rumble DIN unweighted: > 55 dB

Power supply:
5971: 220 V (X)
5973: 100 V
Power consumption: < 10 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7.5 x 32.5cm
Weight 5.3 kg

B&O 8500-6

The current unit was modified carrying RCA connections, thus matching with all preamps. All functions were checked by a tech-laboratory I am always using for my other High End stuff.
The MMC5 NOS cart was never used and bought separately with the unit. It works pretty fine. All in all an elegant design table with excellent technology providing quite a wonderful sound. So what to do with it?….

B&O 8500 last

B&O very last

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