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When the famous Black Forest Label of SABA founder  Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer was re-established two years ago some remarkable tape and record productions saw the light of the day again. I was very happy about the quality of the Oscar Peterson master tape copies, as well as about the recently issued Georg Duke tapes. This time I tested the reissue of Friedrich Gulda`s “Das wohltemperierte Klavier” as a vinyl volume and was pretty much shocked about the pressing quality. I haven`t been faced with such many pressing faults since quite a long time. The sound quality of the vinyl cut from the analog master tapes is good. Nevertheless you cannot enjoy the records. So I am happy staying with the originals in a very good quality.

some records 2

A different picture you`ll find with the 5th and ultimate version (!) of Jazz at the Pawnshop. This is a perfectly cut and pressed three dis set. I compared it with my master tapes and the sound is very close!

Everyone interested in fine modern Jazz recordings (on CD) I may recommend the following releases:

some records 3

2 thoughts on “some records

    • Absolutely Norman,
      When they came out with this record I was able attending a small concert in Munich with them.
      It was a wonderful evening!
      Most of the records listed are new releases like also Joel Harrison- 5 Spirit House, or Michael Wolly – Nachtfahrten. Enjoy!


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