High End Tape Tank

Finally I discovered my mobile cassette player and of course I should not write that in my opinion it is the No 1 mobile cassette player. I will also not mention that there were great contenders from Aiwa and other brands. This unit is built like a tank, comprises two capstan direct drives and comes with an intelligent power source, allowing AA batteries and rechargable flat batteries (a reminder of the 80ies?) in its battery compartment. I should not talk about the excellent playback quality, the wonderful ‘golden earphone plug-in hole’ and the fantastic haptics of this unit. Combined with appropriate earphones – in this case with a Ultrasone iQ – it is a pleasure having a walk in the sunshine as I did this afternoon listening to the Aurex Jazz Festival 80’s.


Without Dolby, without DBB – just playing as it was recorded on the Tandberg.



2 thoughts on “High End Tape Tank

  1. Walkman DD-3, from about 1985? Makes me wonder whatever happened to mine? I love cassettes.. Excellent for making mixed tapes of favorites to play as back ground music when friends are over.


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