3 thoughts on “Tapes are essential

  1. E.,
    What a wonderful collection of masters! I have only a few. I am wondering, do you ever record your own tapes from LP’s? I use my reel to reel this way to make tapes of my favorite LPs so that I am not flipping them over every 15-20 minutes of play. =)



  2. Norman,
    that’s just a part of the tapes 😂…
    good idea! I was considering doing so via balanced output from the Boulder or EMT phono stage directly into theA820.
    In the end I am used listening to vinyl and tapes in sessions and despite the helpful remotes it is sometimes good getting out of the chair…
    I do record from my tapes to DSD 5.6 via a Tascam recorder on MicroSD cards and do use it on my mobile AK240.
    For LPs I found a different unit. As soon as it will reach me I will write about it. FedEx is just doing a Xmas shipping which means in their understanding: shipping the unit from Canada to Cologne in Germany, then discovering they forgot declaring it in Memphis which is their US HQ hub. Instead of sending it back to Memphis they shipped it now back to the seller in Canada. What’s next? Maybe a cruise to Hawaii? Audio business can be full of insights and surprises…



  3. Eckart.,
    Ha! I still use my Nakamichi and make ‘cassette’ tapes for my car. =) Fed Ex!, I hope that your machine arrives in one piece, having now travelled most of the world. I like this idea of recording directly to the A820 via balanced outputs. I don’t have balanced outputs in my phono stage or B77 and RT1050. =|
    I look at your listening space and try to think how you can move your turntables closer to your chair. Or maybe move the amps to one side so that it is easier to get to them. So many things to consider. You have inspired me to search out a few more master copies.



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