under control

we were not sure if we should write something about Bowie as nearly all do and everyone seems to have shared appartments with him in Berlin etc…. We not! In the 70ies I stayed in Hamburg and Berlin was still an encircled island. Nevertheless this was “my rock period” and David one of my stars. I do not share the hype about “the clear LP” , also never followed these crazy marketing campaigns but love his music. This weekend I searched for the hidden treasures in my record collection. I found some very well recorded & produced LPs as are his latest too. It is a pleasure listening to David’s music on a big system (which I could not do when I was young). So when contributing it may be best enjoying the sound while others may write nonsense like Bowie recently went into Jazz (only because he engaged good Jazz players and added some Jazz flavor) or he surprisingly uses saxophones (he did so long time before). Does it mean when you are becoming older you start realizing what it is all about Jazz?!!!

We will not forget him as he closed his mouth (China girl) … one of the greatest rock musicians ever.


Bowie 1Bowie 2Bowie last

2 thoughts on “under control

  1. Eckart,

    Very nice post. Like most our age (asuming this fromm your ‘rock period’ comment), nearly all liked something that Bowie did. His musical style was ever changing and he employed excellent musicians ( Stevie Ray Vaughn, Peter Frampton, etc.) and genres into his music.

    “Does it mean when you are becoming older you realize what it is all about Jazz?!!!”. Bill Evans once said that when music lovers mature, they begin to look for more meaning in the music they listen too….and that is where Jazz comes in.
    So, yes!


    Of course ther are times when one has to flash back and get a ‘fix’ of The Beatles, Creedance, Zeppelin, Tull, Humble Pie, Queen, etc.. like Jazz quality classic rock is the soundtrack of our lives..


  2. Norman thanks. There is a lot talk currently about three exibitions in New York, Stuttgart and Berlin dealing with Art & Jazz or “I Got Rhythm”. While mentioning Kamasi Washington and Kendrick Larmar as two of the fancy Jazz-Stars in 2015 it is also stated that even David Bowie on his heritage album “Black Star” jumped on the Jazz train by engaging Donny McCaslin and his combo Fast Future. Funny, isn`t it…


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