2 thoughts on “winter sun

  1. Eckart,
    To me, the most impressive part of this turntable is the bearing, with its ‘rough’ texture so designed to make sure the spindle and bearing always maintain fresh oil circulation. Many in the high end community feel this is the finest turntable ever built. I have listened to them at length on many occassions but only once with the Cobra arm and cannot argue that point.
    I am wondering if you have ever had the opportunity to use the Cobra arm with another table? It would be interesting to hear how it sounds on your Micro or EMT? I would imagine this would be difficult to do.. But fun? =)

    By the way, I really love the removable dustcovers! Why more don’t use them I’ll never know?


  2. Norman,
    indeed the bearing as well as the motor are masterpieces of fine turntable building. When I went by intent for the Criterion, not the Caliburn, it came with the Copperhead which is an excellent arm. Continuum did not succeed building up a strong dealer network across Europe. By accident I found “a lost new Cobra arm” in Germany and put it on the Criterion also modifying and levelling up the bases inside. Believe me it is so much better with the 3D Cobra arm. I never would exchange it e.g. with the Swedish plastic arm MF is now using on his Caliburn, also not putting it on another table. It is a kind of marriage in heaven…


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