Mono Mono Part III

True mono cartridges are wired and built only to pick up signals of the record in the horizontal plane. When looking at the Miyajima BE Low Mono  you easily understand that this cantilever does not exercise vertically. In case your stylus slightly shifts to the right or left side while handling this cart it will not mean you have reached the end of your listening session. You may just put it back with your finger (!), even when the stylus went 180 degrees from the normal position. Therefore you should not start thinking about playing Stereo records with this cart…

Mono Mono 1

Mono Mono 2

As most Audiophiles know Mono Pressings sound more lively, good Mono pressings have depth perception that is sometimes better than its stereo counterpart. We hear less noise and experience the excellence of Mono Recordings in the manner that they were meant to be heard and enjoyed. Among the many Mono Cartridges which have seen the light in the last years I went for three very convincing designs, the Koetsu Coralstone Mono, The Miyajima BE Low and the new Ortofon Cadenza Mono.

Mono Mono 3

In the meantime I established a Mono Chain on all my tables – using the matching arms,  especially for the heavy EMT & Ortofon carts and also for the lighter modern ones.

Mono Mono 4

Mono Mono 5


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