The fantastic world of Step Up Transformers

I am believing in using SUTs. Why?

My many experiments with LoMCs via different high class phono stages convinced me that it makes sense using Step Up Transformers.

As the standpoints of using SUTs vary from “the best SUT is no SUT” to “Always use a matching SUT” the topic is for most audiophiles not an easy one.

Investing in SUTs depends on how good is your phono chain and of course the system at all.
Using high efficieny speakers is an add on in my opinion as well as a good reproduction of high but also low frequencies.
Let me state in a somehow provoking way: it makes no sense using SUTs which allow you to harmonise the sound in the best way but also may push it in the more stable and deep sound producing direction when you intend running a mediocre table, phono stage and MC.

Good systems deserve using SUTs! The more excellent MCs you are using the more one understands the importance of matching LoMCs with appropriate SUTs.

A perfect matched SUT is not only able to provide the gain one needs, it also gives a more profound, stable, dynamic and deep sound structure, in comparison to some Phono pres which may only provide thin air.

some of my SUTs are listed and shown here:

  • Fidelity Research AGT-5x (silver coil)
  • Ortofon SPU-T 1 (copper coil)
  • Kondo KSL-SFz, 2 x (silver coil)
  •  Jorgen Shou Type 32M, 2 x (copper coil)
  • Ortofon ST 7 (copper coil)
  • Silvercore MC pro 1:20 (silver coil)
  • Takai Final Labs (copper coil)
  • Tango MCT-999 (copper coil)
  • Neumann BV33 (copper coil)
  • Western Electric 618B (copper coil)


Deciding which SUT is appropriate is a matter of personal taste and careful matching (!)



SUT 1SUT 2DSC03961-01


SUT 3FullSizeRender (5)SUT 5

fr 1





A96C3970-01SUT 9SUT 10

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