ASC 6002 SC

This is a special high speed version of the ASC 6002, one of the best semi-professional tape machines of the 70ies/ 80ies of the 20th century. Coming with new heads, real time counter, infra red remote and completely refurbished in an immaculate condition.


Adapted from the Braun TG 1000 (the same engineers built the 6002) ASC was famous for the quality and stability of its products. At or under you’ll get quite some background information.


I am using the ASC in my bedroom system replacing a nice Thorens turntable which I didn’t use frequently. It is a wonderful machine, of compact size, technologically and optical well designed. As it looks very small it provides a wonderful sound – not a vintage one. The ASC was called the Rolls Royce of the semi-professionell RtRs.


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