Final Solution

when having decided going for a second tonearm on my CAELES air suspension table I was experimenting with base-towers, knowing it might be not the perfect solution. In case you’re putting a high tower on the basic platform on which the table is placed you might catch some vibration from the ground. You may look out for isolation technologies placed inside of the tower -which I did – in the end it will be a compromise.


It might be better to put a basis on the high levelled air suspended tripod axis in this way absorbing oscillations. Using an aluminium sponge on top of a Delrin base which is filled with sand – and of course in a minimalistic assymetric way (like with the Atlas), an aluminum bar takes up  the whole structure.


To avoid damages on the tripod’s laquer surface two neoprem mats are fixed below of the bar, also isolating again.


On top of the aluminium sponge I will mount different plates taking up the matching tonearms. On the images the Acoustical Systems’ Axiom tonearm in my special version is to be seen. Very soon I will mount an absolutely rare classic arm which is new in my collection.




2 thoughts on “Final Solution

  1. Eckart,
    I like this very much. It reminds me of one of the camera mounts that I use. It’s very secure with a positive lock.
    At first I was thinking that this would allow some vibration to pass to the mounting base, but then thought with an air bearing there probably isn’t any vibration at all.
    If that is true, how would an arm tower base receive vibration if there isn’t any from the turntable? Are you thinking that the arm tower would pick up acoustic vibration from the speakers at volume? Just curious.


  2. Norman,
    Good observation. Yes you are always facing the problem of air bound virbration too, also and especially caused by loudspeakers. Under these circumstances I need building an anti-vibration wall on the right side of the table. The best solution is to put the table into a closed anti-vibration chamber but…



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