Despite collecting and experimenting with many units – currently I am running 9 tables (in different rooms) and should sell some… – I do free my system of ballast frequently. From my experience it is important that boxes (units) are standing free and get superb support on isolation measurements against vibration and hf-impact.


whenever it is possible I do close signal inputs and outputs.


I am experimenting with vibration platforms and support feet. Having got excellent results with the Copulare artifical coral platform I also use feet of this material and a Panzerholz fabrication.


It is fantastic to grasp the difference between an “imprisoned unit” and a “freed one”. In my digital chain I made a wrap up (see also “Does Atomic Digital Make Happy?), now enyoing an even more superb resolution and punctual live feeling when e.g. listening to ” Jazz at Berlin Philarmonic V, Lost Hero – Tears for Esbjörn”.

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