5 thoughts on “Let The Music Play…

    • That is an evolution of the Caeles turntable. Nearly all parts improved or changed for better performance. Most important: New, more precise air-bearing, new pneumatic dual-chamber dampers, new completely analouge automatic level adjustment with an accuracy of 0.1mm, new main platter, new rack…two years of research and work.
      The turntable is manufactured now by refent audio.


  1. Eckart,

    All exciting, but sadly more and more out of my league price wise. I really like the Ballfinger reel to reel. All of that work and I see that they seem to be re-working old TEAC/TASCAM hubs. =) What is the reel to reel deck above the Ballfinger?
    It looks familiar. Was their anything new from Studer/ReVox?
    Thanks for reporting.



  2. Hi Norman,
    Some interesting developments on tonearms and turntables, but…
    The Studer/Revox team needs some more time for relaunching the 4000 Euro deck.
    The deck above The Ballfinger is a modified Telefunken.
    Prices are going high and higher, the TechDas I with the Pabst motor now for 300.000…
    Honestly not for us as good as they are!



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