Vintage Phono, Part II

It took me some planning and time to put this project on schedule. Finding a good matching power supply for the two EMT 139a units as well as a proper case were the next steps.


Both mono units are in excellent condition, electronic parts exchanged by Mundorf and other brands.

In Part I the building of the box as well as the completion of the phono pre is described.

FullSizeRender (1)

So how does it sound? I was prepared to listen to a different sound as of by modern phono stages. Nevertheless I was pretty surprised to learn how beautiful these 60 years old vintage EMT units are playing.


In combination with the EMT R80 table and the Neumann DST cart it sounds smooth, relaxed, not coming with high resolution, also providing a little more noise than modern units.

These very rare EMTs, going via the Western Electric SUT 618 B  into the EMT 66 Line Pre, have their own flavor, are great for some type of Jazz and easy on the ear. It is somehow a new listening adventure in my system and does remind me of Western Electric horn installations. Kodachrome like. Not too bad!



2 thoughts on “Vintage Phono, Part II

  1. Eckart,
    I remember hearing the EMT 139st many years ago at Chicago CES. The word I liked to use in describing the sound was ‘forgiving’. It was silky smooth in the highs and the bass had plenty of weight. However what I remember most was the sound of the mid range. Of course the system, speakers, cart, etc., all had a part but the 139st had a unique sonic character that was captivating. Listen to some Etta James, Tony Bennett, or Nat King Cole. Davis, Evans and Coltrane never sounded better.

    I am wondering what the Beatles ‘A Day in The Life’ would sound like? =)



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