Anti Vibration – Part I

Improving the sound from turntables by using matching anti vibration measurements is one of my favourites, being supported by a good friend of mine who luckily found it’s way to Audio Nirvana.



The Continuum Criterion stays on a solid Grand Porto rack from Copulare. The space for putting on the table is a massive wooden structure filled with small lead balls. The three feet are staying on a Finite Elemente damping structure. Nevertheless I was thinking why not testing the structure with 2 Kg lead balls filled on each foot.



Removing the structural mountings of the feet the lead balls were filled into the ground base of each foot you recognize an even more stable structure. Not allowing to form a cone of lead balls at the ground one should use a book clapping on the feed in pipe.

What I realized is a small more crispy bass which I noticed very pleased. Now it is time for an even more dramatic approach which will be reported on in PART II.




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