Why Stereo?

Recently I saw a critics of the latest 50 anniversary edition of the Beatles’ 50 th Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in one of German’s Audio magazines. I replied that I was aware of the Double-Lp having bought quickly after it was published. Despite it’s usual pressing problems (nearly all new rock- and pop pressings are coming with small problems) I think the mixing is good. It also provides some additional takes on the 2nd Lp and it is better than the edition in the big white box.


But when you really want to know what is the best pressing and mixing you need to get the black MFSL box (today also called MoFi) of the early 80ies. Just excellent and no pressing issues (No. 792, taken directly from the Master Tapes, which left London for this mixing for the first time). Now to MONO: Yes, this is definitely the best sound you get from the Beatles. The Beatles MONO-Collection box, No. 622 of 1000, brings you the dynamics we are looking for. This music is sheer perfect. Using a true Mono line with the EMT OFD25 Mono in the first SME arm on the EMT R 80 you will be pushed back by the clear, precise and open sound the EMT JPA66 phono pre provides. It might be better to level down the volume a little improving the pleasure.

If we only had more Mono-Mixes like Miles Davis -Milestones (MoFi), Earl Hines, Archie Shepp, Lional Hampton, and the Japanese Blue Notes pressings. Why going for Stereo





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