Anti-Vibration, Part II




Regarding the Continuum Criterion table I was using a vibration measurement existing of three hard rubber plates which were quite perfect absorbing most of the ground and air borne vibration. Nevertheless I was always looking for a more sophisticated approach. Stabilizing the Grand Porto rack as described in Part I it was my  first action. You need to have a stable and even balanced rack, not moving by whatever vibration from the ground or air borne.

My friend Henry in Sidney was experimenting with a Herzan isolation board and reported about excellent results when he was here in my listening room. Since May I am looking for a serious better anti-vibration solution. I also saw in Munich that Frank Kuzma is now using a somehow Herzan vibration isolation board.


When I got in contact with the company Accurion in Göttingen, Northern Germany, I was pleased to learn of a very helpful lady how to cater my issues. Now the Accurion i4 has arrived at my room. I was curious to see if my investment was a serious one or so…

As I built up the vibration board and once again the Criterion which is not an easy action I firstly reloaded the transportation lock by pressing the lock button for more than 3 seconds.


Then I started the isolation modus in the middle of the three buttons. It turned blue initializing the job is done.



I then was listening to a record I had used in the last times very often, Gerry Mulligan – Paraiso, Jazz in Brazil. Let me tell you it is as somehow is freeing the music from a cage into an open space. Before my change onto this phono-chain I regarded the sound as always playing nicely but not as warm and firm as the other phono chains. I thought it was an effect of the Boulder phono 2008. It was not!



7 thoughts on “Anti-Vibration, Part II

  1. Eckart,

    I keep thinking how much harder its going to be for you when you decide to move those turntables closer to your listening chair. =)



  2. Norman,
    There is no need to do so. The listening chair is in the best distance. Look at “Listening room” under “Various” with… ahh…some old images.



  3. Mark,
    Thanks a lot. I had seen it. As the Accurion Power Cord is a very special one coming with a silver round termination and quite a big additional power unit I do believe that Accurion has improved their termination in difference to the units delivered in 2015. I know Goebel and do believe in their quality products. I might test it one day.



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