H 5000 DHT




The only pure Direct Heated Triode phono preamp I do know so far is the H 5000 Allnic. Allnic is greatful to Mr. G.W. ELMEN  of Western Electric for inventing Permalloy for transformer core use, and in so doing, providing an enormous service to recorded music listeners.

Using my two tonearms by just switching one of the two input buttons on the front panel of the H 5000 (MM, MC) the DHT phono pre is one of the instruments providing extremely low noise reproduction. The unorthodox arrangement of the two units in my system is part of the large, bulky and weak construction, DHT tubes tend to vibrate with their tiniest external stimuli. Avoiding as much confrontation as possible with direct sound parameters both units are pretty good taken out of the stream. The DHT tubes only get hand warm.

Having had some weeks of experience I really believe this is one of  my favourite phono pres, no noise just playing music in the way I love it. You may be happy owning this piece of excellence in your phono chain.









6 thoughts on “H 5000 DHT

  1. Tango,
    Pump is a different unit staying in another room. It is a fully serviced white version of Dürr you see in one of my threads (Power). What you see on the image above is the battery modul for the motor, running it without connection to the line. The lower part is the steering module distributing air, going to the three dampers, the air bearing for the platter (Air Bearing) and the motor.



  2. Sawasdee E,
    I tried the 5000 for a week when it was brand new. How do you find it performs after the break in?


  3. xin chào buổi tối Tang,

    I am using this fantastic phono pre in MM function connecting to two SUTs, Kondo Sfz and Silvercore. The Allnic is such quiet I am really pleased, and it is overwhelming pushy.



  4. Dear Conchan 1, congratulation on your fantastic gears. Also I am Allnic fan and have used H-5000 for the last 3 years. In my case, I deeply modified it. Still, are you using it? Did you modified it? Any upgrade?


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