Triangular Precision

I just got a replacement of my lift for the ToXiom tonearm (2nd one), a variant of the famous Axiom tonearm of Acoustical Systems.



It is the latest one improving the ones I had in the beginning. Not a big issue but helpful anyway.

While mounting the tonearm It was obvious to readjust positioning of the tonearm bases, the ToXiom itself and all parameters. It is a widespread opinion that precision regarding mounting and adjusting a tonearm and cart is a kind of art in this business.

Very helpful in that matter is the precision gauge of Acoustical Systems providing many basic templates for different tonearms. It also comes with the P2S distance instrument.


I was going for a real tri-angulare positioning. Without being dependant on the mounting distance (or P2S) I was adjusting only on the different tangential curves. Alignement-spot of the curve and the reference point of the curve on the other side of the spindle are fix, as well as the reference point of the P2S measurement of the spindle adapter (black round item).

I changed the tonearm pivot point until I reached the cart being positioned on the measure point of the triangular gauge – voila! As the positioning bar of the gauge is connected with the P2S bar I may always read the real P2S und therefore adjust the whole geometry of the tonearm. This is  only possible with that kind of AS gauge and if  UNI-Protractor and UNI-P2S are blocked among each other – a real triangular positioning!



2 thoughts on “Triangular Precision

  1. A timely reminder E…..
    I checked the three armpods around my identical Victor TT-101 set-up and found they were ALL out of alignment. The FR-64S was out by almost 5mm!!!!
    This is an obvious disadvantage with the separate armpods but hopefully, this alert will remind everyone to re-check their geometries at least yearly…



  2. Well done Henry! Free armpods (despite they are heavy items) which are not fixed need to be checked at least every 6 months. Due to micro vibrations of the pod, tonearm and cart we are always (!) faced with small deviations which means a lot in our ‘Micro World’.



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